Wang, Chung-Chieh

Professor and Chairman

Research expertise:  SynopticmMeteorology, meso-scale meteorology, numerical models, severe weather system

Email: cwang@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6399

Wu, Chau-Ron

Distinguished Professor

Research expertise: Physical oceanography, Numerical ocean circulation modeling

Email: cwu@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6435

Yeh, Meng-Wan


Research expertise : Strutural geology, regional geology

E-mail: marywyeh@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6423

Zheng, Zhe-Wen


Research expertise : Remote Sensing of Oceanic Environment, Physical Oceanography, Typhoon-Ocean Interaction

E-mail: zwz@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6439

Yeh, Ting-Kuang

Associate Professor

Research expertise : Science education, cognitive neuroscience, learning & memory

E-mail: tkyeh@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6441

Tseng, Li-Shan

Assistant Professor

Research expertise : Air-sea interaction, atmospheric circulation

E-mail: sian@ntnu.edu.tw

Office: (02)7749-6410


Fan, Kuang-Lung


Office phone number:

Research expertise: Physical Oceanography , Marine Environment , Marine Pollution

Hong, Chih-Chen


Office: (02)2311-3040~3909

Research expertise: Tropical Climate Dynamics and Modeling

Tseng, Chun-Mao

Associate Professor

Office: (02)3366-9775

Research expertise: Marine Bio-geochemistry/ Marine Chemical Analysis and Observation

Hsu, Yueh-Jiuan

Associate Professor

Office phone number:

Research expertise: Numerical weather prediction


Chen, Ya-Ling

Administrative Assistant

Office: (02)7749-6437

E-mail: yalingchen@ntnu.edu.tw