Research Direction
The institute aims to conduct research and train student for better understanding of the processes and characteristics governing how the oceans function and how they interact with Earth as a whole. There are two main research directions that are initial foci of the institute and unique to the ocean community in Taiwan:
  • To study the atmosphere-ocean coupling and interaction, the role of ocean in climate, the mechanisms that link the climate variability with ocean, the feedback processes between them and the following impacts. The model development of atmosphere-ocean system, the modeling and simulation of the past, present, and future ocean variation and their association with global climate change are emphasized and supported.
  • The analysis and integration of marine environmental data information that is inter-related with the change in earth system (including the nature forcing and anthropogenic effect).

Education and Courses
The institute of marine environmental science and technology offers master of science graduate degrees in oceanography with specialization in chemical, geological and physical oceanography with further emphasis on the interactions with other earth sub-systems.

The institute offers a combination of courses and interdisciplinary research on a wide range of marine environmental topics. In addition, students have opportunities to take courses offered by other department and program (e.g. Earth Sciences department). The courses can be divided into three major categories including:
  • (1) basic sciences focused on the build up the fundamental knowledge on theory and application of marine sciences and technology; 
  • (2) seminar focused on broadening the knowledge through discussion and presentation of research work; 
  • (3) special topics focused on studies more closely related to studentˇs thesis work. 
The details of courses offered can be found at the website of the institute
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